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Launch into an astronomical adventure like no other with this fully immersive IVA stockpile. This bundle comes fully equipped with both stand alone Lumen Void and Lumen Void Centurium (gloss) games, three Centurium Packs, and two Voider Packs. Experience the thrill of endless combinations and ever growing experience points. Whether your journey entails voiders of 2 or 8 everything you need can be found right here in our IVA bundle. Within the Lumen Void lies unlimited possibles and forces beyond your imagination. Your adventure into the unknown begins now!



• Lumen Void (Stand alone game)

• Lumen Void Centurium (Stand alone game)

• 4 Centurium Creature Card Packs

• 2 Voider Packs

POS IVA bundle

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